Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Help ti find his work things, and tools!!!!

Today, whilst i was working in Blackpool on Henson Avenue, my van was stolen with all my tools wallet etc in it. I grabbed the side door and the little shit drove down the road with me attached to the van. This van is my livelihood and I need it back I cannot earn a living without my tools, everything i need to work is now gone. ...I have been out all afternoon searching the streets. The Reg Number is RY05 DXC it is a white High top Ford Transit. The Back step is a bright yellow one so very distinctive and the front roof is a bit scabby. If you see this van or are offered any cheap tools in the Blackpool area please inbox me. I am really pissed off , thieving scumbags they wont know whats F*****g hit them i get hold of them. You work hard do an honest days work for an honest days pay for your wife and kids and these shit bags think its their god given right to F*****g take what's not theirs. Sorry to rant but this just tops of a really crap 6 months ***PLEASE SHARE***

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